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Edit Connect Customer
Edit Connect Customer
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Editing a connect customer allows you to amend their details and access level. Their access level determines the interactions they can be involved with in the client's account.

Edit Connect Customer

Navigate to the Linked Customers tab in the client's profile.

This will display the list of connect customers linked to the client.

Located next to the connect customers is the Edit option. Select Edit to begin amending the customer's details and access level.


The following details can be amended.

Connect Customer Name

Connect Customer Email Address

Default Area: This is the default area that all shifts will be allocated when the connect customer requests services for the client

Allow Communication: This enables all communications between the organisation's admins, carers and the client. All notes and amendments made to the client's shifts by any staff will be seen by the connect customer.

Read Only: Only enables the connect customer to view the client's services. No interactions are enables. Customer cannot verify shifts.

Verify Shift: Enables connect customer to verify (approve) carer service attendance. Selecting this option means that carers will only be paid for the services once they have been verified by the connect customer.

Once all edits have been made, select the Update option at the bottom right of the edit dialogue box to ensure that all amendments have been applied.

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