Access the subscription page

To access the subscription page for your account you should navigate via the menu, Account > Subscription.

View your current ShiftCare subscription

Your current subscription and the start and end date is confirmed on at the top of the subscription page.

You can see the number of staff user licenses, the number of ShiftCare Connect licenses and how many SMS have been sent in the billing period.

Note: Subscriptions are invoiced in advance whereas SMS are invoiced in arrears since this is based on usage.   

Changing your ShiftCare subscription

You have control over your subscription and user licences for ShiftCare. To change the number of staff users or ShiftCare Connect users up or down you should click on the Edit Subscription link towards the top left-hand-corner of the screen.

You can add or remove users or switch plans should you need to add or decrease the features available on your account.

Invoices from ShiftCare

Based on your subscription and SMS usage ShiftCare will send your contact invoices. These invoices are listed below the subscription module.

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