Accessing Carer timesheet

To access the Timesheet for a specific carer, first click Staff drop down menu. Now either click the 'List'  menu or find the member through 'Teams' and click on the name of the staff member's name you would like to view.

You can now see an additional menu labelled as the staff name you are viewing under the 'Staff' drop down menu. Click on the subheading labelled 'Timesheet'.

Alternatively if you are on the staff 'Details' page you can click 'Manage' drop down menu in the top right hand corner and then click 'Timesheet'.

Approve Staff Timesheet

Once you have found the appropriate staff member. To verify and approve clockin or clockout times for shifts.

First, confirm your pay-run period by adjusting Date Range by clicking the Date Box. You will now see an overview of all their shifts for that time period.

Under the column labelled 'Status', you will see an option to click on the Tick or Cross mark. 

You will also notice at the top of the page helpful information on the various totals. See below image.

Approve the clockin or clockout time for a Shift

To Approve the worker's clockin and clockout times on a shift and therefore pay them for that time, click the Tick mark. It will change from a Tick to a Thumbs Up. The system will also confirm with a notification up the top.

This now means the shift has been verified and approved. This locks the shift and the details of the shift cannot be edited.

Note: hovering your cursor over the icons will tell you which action is about to be performed.

Once approved, if the clockin or out times are different to the scheduled shift times you will see the hours column adjust accordingly.

Before approval:

After approval:

In this example, the worker will now be paid for the additional time they worked on the shift.

Adjusting the shift time based on the worker's time to bill the client

If you wanted to bill your client for the worker's time on the shift based on the clockin/out times rather than the scheduler time then you can do so by clicking on the edit button in the worker's timesheet

This then lets you change the shift start and end time to align with the clock in/out times.

Make sure to have "Update Shift Time" ticked to apply the new shift times so this will also update the billing.

You should then approve the time for the Hours to be updated.

When reviewing the client's billing for the same shift you will notice the shift times have been adjusted along with the length of the shift.

Reject the clockin or clockout times for a shift

If you decide to Reject a shift, click on the Cross icon, and you will see a pop-up box where you can enter a reason for rejecting the shift. Click the Confirm button to finalise. This 'reason for rejecting the shift' is then sent to the staff member via an app notification.


If you wish to undo an approved/rejected shift, you can do so by clicking on blue Undo Icon that appears once you have verified shifts. That shift is now unverified and you can complete the above steps again.

Verify All Shifts

If you wish to verify all shifts at once under that date range, click on the ‘Verify All’ button and you will see a drop down menu option, select Approve All or Reject All.

Print and Download Timesheet

If you wish to download a Timesheet, click on Download Icon, this will Download in CSV format. To print a Timesheet, click on Print Icon, you will see a window with further options, such as 'save to PDF'. These are located next to the Verify All button show here.

Filter by Area

At the top right of the page you will see the drop down menu 'Filter By'.

Click on this label to select an Area to filter by. These are set up by you to enable grouping by a certain criteria.

Note: You can only filter one area at a time.

Want to Auto Approve Timesheets? Learn how:

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