To verify timesheets either you approve or reject shifts. To do so, you need to go to your Staff’s timesheet page. You can do this couple of ways.

Click on Staff member and then Timesheet. Confirm your pay-run period by adjusting Date Range of Shifts. Under Status Column, you’ll see an option to click on the check or (x) mark. If you wish to approve then do the former, otherwise click on the latter.

If unsure, you can also hover your mouse over the check option, you’ll see the word ‘Approve’. Clicking on check icon will change it to green ‘okay’ sign as seen below (the one boxed in green below). That means this shift has been verified and approved.

If you decide to Reject a shift, click on the ‘x’ icon, and you’ll get a pop-up box where you can enter your reject reason, and then confirm. This reason is sent to staff so they can respond if required.


If you wish to undo an approved/rejected shift, you can do so by clicking on blue icon that appears on verified shifts. This means that shift is now again unverified and you can complete above steps.

Verify All

If you wish to verify all shifts at once under that date range, click on the ‘Verify All’ button and you’ll see options to Approve or Reject All.

Note: You can also print or download staff timesheets.

Area Based Filter

At the top right of the page you will see the label 'Filter By'.

Click on this label to bring down the drop-down menu. This menu contains a list of areas pertaining to each shift type.

Click on the desired area to be filtered so that only the shifts corresponding to that area appear on the page.

NOTE: You can only filter one area at a time.

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