In order to log in to ShiftCare connect, please type in the address bar, or click this link. Put your login details. It will then take you to the below page.

💡 Note: The client (or their primary carer, provider, etc.) should have received and accepted the invitation to ShiftCare and have been given appropriate access.

To make a service booking, click on “New Service” located at the top right of the calendar.


On clicking “New Service”, the below page will open.

Choose the shift date, start and end times. The location is by default set as your home location. You can change the address if the shift is happening at a different location. Please write a detailed description of the shift for our staff and hit Submit.


Then, the shift will be displayed. You can make an adjustment by clicking the Edit button.


Warning - Request not allowed: You do not have permission to create New Service.

If you receive this warning message, it means you do not have access to request a service.

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