If you are unable to add staff to ShiftCare, it may be because the staff has an existing account with another organisation that uses ShiftCare. ShiftCare can handle one email/roster per person, therefore, you cannot use the same email id for the one staff member.

If it is an email duplication then, you will see below message on the screen while adding a staff.

There are two solutions to this:

1. You can request your staff to create a different email ID or

2. You can make an alias email for the staff. An email alias is simply a forwarding email address. Another term often used to indicate a specific mode of email forwarding is 'alias expansion'. As a result the term 'email alias' becomes more generic and relates to an address forwarded in a simplistic fashion.

For example, A Staff email jane@example.org.au would have email alias jane+exa@example.org.au

Note: If you wish to go ahead with the second option, please notify your staff about their email alias as they will need to use this in order to log in to your organisation's ShiftCare account. This means for your organisation they will log in using email alias jane+exa@example.com and for the other organisation they work they will use their staff email jane@example.com.

Staff can keep the same password for both logins if they wish.

About email alias addresses

The alias email address is simply used to differentiate the login address from one account to another account so the staff member doesn't confuse the clients and shifts between organisations.

In this way, the staff member is consciously making the decision to access the details of one organisation over another.

When you notify the worker about their shifts the email provider will deliver the emails to their main inbox.

Yahoo email addresses

Yahoo manages email aliases in a different way to Gmail and other email providers. To achieve the same thing Yahoo provides these instructions on how to create or delete an email alias in Yahoo Mail.

Read more here: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/create-delete-email-alias-yahoo-mail-sln29287.html

Hotmail, Outlook and Microsoft email addresses

Microsoft provides these instructions to create an alias email addresses.


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