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Recurring shifts or roster
Recurring shifts or roster

A detailed look at how to create a recurring shift in the Scheduler Interface.

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Create a Recurring Shift

Creating recurring shifts is a great way to save time when scheduling. A recurring shift is defined as a shift that is for the same carer and client, at the same time of the day, duration and location, that occurs on two or more different days. Shifts at different times, and for different carers are considered unique shifts.

To create a recurring shift, click to create a new shift in the scheduler, and observe the detailed view. Under the heading Time & Location, there is a check box that reads 'Repeat'. 

Check the box by clicking it to see various customisation options.

Note: The image shows a start date of March 1st through to an end date of May 10th. With a fortnightly (2-weekly) repeating shift on a Monday at 9:00 AM. The system calculates how many occurrences will happen between the selected dates.

Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly?

There are various combinations of settings to achieve different types of recurring shifts. For the above example, we wanted a shift that repeats once a fortnight and ran for six fortnightly rosters starting on the 1st of March. To do this, you need to select Recurrence as "Weekly" and then select Repeat every "2" Week. The end date was set, and the system calculated that it was indeed six recurrences. 

Note: for a fortnightly repeating shift, select 'weekly' and repeat every '2' weeks

Another example would be creating a shift that repeats daily for the duration of one fortnight. To achieve this, select recurrence as "Daily"  and then select Repeat every "1" Day. The end date should be set 14 days ahead of the start date. This would then create 14 daily shifts recurring for this fortnightly period. Again, the system calculates this for you.

Note: The image shows a start date of March 1st through to an end date of March 14th. With a daily repeating shift at 9:00 AM. Showing 14 recurrences for the fortnight.

If you wanted to create a shift that repeated once per month, then select recurrence as "Monthly" and then select Repeat every "1" Month for example.

Shifts That Occur on Multiple Week Days

It is possible to create a recurring shift on different days of the week in addition to the aforementioned criteria. In addition to repeating a shift, for example, every week, that same shift can also repeat on multiple weekdays within the week.
Note: This only applies to Weekly, Fortnightly, and Monthly recurring types.

To achieve this additional criteria. As before, click on the scheduler to create a new shift. Then, after adding date and client information, and the recurring types, you can click the check boxes of the days of the week to select one or more days. 

For example, if you wanted to create a shift for the same carer and client, at the same time and also on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday for the duration of five weeks. Select the Start date, then select the End date to have an inclusive period of five weeks. Select "Weekly" and Repeat every "1" Week. Now click the check boxes of the Occurs on days of "Mon", "Tues", "Wed".

Note: This image shows a start date of March 1st through to an end date of April 4th. With a shift that repeats on Mon, Tues and Fri each week for five weeks. Showing 15 recurrences, which is calculated as three shifts per five weeks to make 15 in total. 

Can we create a recurring shift based on the day (e.g. last Tuesday of the month)?

No, this is not currently supported.

At the moment, we can't do this. It has to be date-specified, not day-specified for a monthly recurring entry.


A recurring shift is a shift for the same carer/client combination, at the same time of day and the same duration, at the same location. 

Create a Recurring shift by considering these main points: 

  • Select start and end dates for the period in question.

  • Select Daily, Weekly or Monthly recurrence

  • Select frequency of the recurrence of the selected type

  • Select all the days of the week for the desired shift to occur on (for weekly and monthly recurrences)

  • The system will calculate the number of shifts created by your parameters.

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