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Share Care Notes among Carers
Share Care Notes among Carers

Sharing care or progress notes allow carers to view & share notes with others visiting the same client via the app

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Sharing Progress Notes option on the client's detail page enables carers to view all notes made previously by other carers and staff members that have been assigned the same client.

Share Progress Notes

By default, sharing care notes is enabled.

To change or check the settings for a client, you can navigate to the Client's details page. Under the Settings module, locate the Share Progress Notes option.

The settings module is on the left-hand side of the page.

Click on Edit and then tick Share Progress Notes option. Once done, click on Update.

Accessing care notes in the app

When this option is enabled, through the app the carer can see historic notes through their shift details. Once opened the shift details has an Events tab in the bottom corner. Selecting this will display the historic notes.

The carer will see any notes that have been made for that specific client in past shifts.

Note: If Share Progress Notes option is turned off, then carer will not be able to view any notes, as shown below.

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