You can share care plan documents, goals and client related information with your care-workers instantly via ShiftCare app. A staff member must be rostered with a client to be able to see the client information.

In this article we cover:

Accessing the shift details

Staff/care-workers will be able to see this information when they are rostered on a shift for a given client. Via the ShiftCare app simply click on shift:


This will direct them to the shift information page on their app. Here, click the client's name on the shift information page.


Doing this will direct them to the client's name. Once on this page click the arrow next to the client's name.


This will open up the client's profile where staff will see three tabs Detail, Documents & Goal.

Details - public client information

Any client related information that you wish to be available for the care team is displayed here under the Detail tab.

πŸ›‘ Client contact and demographic details are not visible via the app due to privacy reasons. To share these details they should be entered into the Publc Information by the admin team via the 

Adding public client information

As an admin you can use Clients Additional Information (public note) to provide relevant information to your staff, this way you can choose the information that you want to make public e.g. phone number, email etc.


Under the documents tab, it will show all client related documents e.g. care plans, assessments etc.

πŸ‘€ You should set Staff visibility to Yes for documents to be listed here - learn more


Staff can click on the arrow to view file contents.



Any goal strategies setup for a client will be visible in this section along with the latest ratings. Learn more about goals here:

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