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Document Hub - upload forms, policies & procedures for easy access for carers
Document Hub - upload forms, policies & procedures for easy access for carers

Through the app carers can access policies & procedures within Document Hub

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Organisation policies & procedures, forms and other documents can be easily shared with carers using the Document Hub

The types of documents stored in ShiftCare are typically:

  • Policy documents

  • Reimbursement templates

  • HR and payroll documents such as change of bank account

  • Leave request templates

  • Feedback form templates etc

Admin users can upload the template documents to ShiftCare which can be accessed by all other users within your organisation.

Uploading to ShiftCare

Admin users can upload templates by clicking on the Document Hub menu option under the top level menu Staff.

Admin users can then upload documents from their computer using the "Upload Files" button.

The file types that can be uploaded are:

  • Adobe pdf - these will be available as read only unless changed

  • Microsoft Word (doc & docx)

  • Microsoft Excel (xls & xlsx)

  • Images (jpg, jpeg, gif, png & tiff)

  • CSV (comma separated value)

  • Email (.msg or .eml)

It is possible for Admin users to edit (replace), delete or download existing documents.

Uploading files that exceed the file limit (15 MB) will result in an error message.

Staff access to templates

In the app Staff users can view and download template files. To access templates, first, click on the menu icon in the top-left-corner of the app.

This will then expand the full menu for the user to select Document Hub from the menu. Note that 'My Documents' contains the staff member's compliance documents such as First Aid Certificates, Police Checks, etc, whereas as Document Hub contains company-wide documents such as templates for reimbursement, incident reports etc.

When the next screen loads, users are able to download the documents that are available.

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