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You can use this feature to send an SMS to individuals or teams regarding an available shift.

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The advertise feature is a useful tool to query your staff or team's availability for new shift's. Click any shift to view the detailed view, and then click in the top right corner the "More Actions" button. Click Advertise to access.

You will see a search box where you can enter a staff member's name, or the name of a Team.

An automatically generated message will reference the shift in question querying the recipient if they are interested. Once checking the details are correct, click the "Send SMS" button to send your message. 

Note: SMS are charged at $0.10 per sms. SMS are charged at the end of your billing month.

Staff SMS Reply

When a staff member sends an SMS reply to a message they received through the Advertise feature, the reply is converted to an email and it is emailed to the person who advertised the shift. 

Note: To avoid missed messages, make sure email replies aren't going to your spam folder. Add the domain to your email's whitelist of trusted senders.

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