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Increase the number of staff licenses - upgrade subscription
Increase the number of staff licenses - upgrade subscription

A guide on increasing licenses so new staff can be invited

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This article covers how to increase the number of licenses on your account - add extra Allowed Number of Staff to your account.

This is a subscription setting that an Admin user can edit. If you are here you may have seen the error message "Number of users can not be greater than max subscription limit."

How to Add Extra Allowed Number of Staff

Editing your subscription

Navigate to the side bar and click on Account drop down menu, and then click the Subscription sub menu.

You will now see the Subscription you are currently using and also a list of invoices relating to your account subscription.  For more information on changing your subscription, please see the Help Desk Collection: Account 

Now click Edit Subscription to access further options, where you can change the details of your plan, and also add the extra staff required.

Add extra allowed staff

If you followed the above steps, you should see the following screen.

Next to the options that read STAFF click the check boxes marked "+" and "-" to increase or decrease the required amount of allowable staff on your account.

Once you have decided how many staff members you need click Update to confirm. You will see the following confirmation box. 

Click Confirm to save the changes.  (If you would like to cancel your changes without saving click Cancel.)

You will now be able to successfully add more staff.

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