Carer attendance can be manually approved or rejected. There are various cases where this may be useful, some main ones would be to verify a carer who forgot to accept a shift and attended or missed a clock-in threshold for auto-approval. You can also verify through carer timesheets.

How to verify carer attendance

Verify carer attendance through the scheduler

Navigate to the scheduler and locate the shift you wish to approve or reject a carer's attendance for. The scheduler can be easily accessed via the sidebar. 

Click the shift you wish to verify attendance of. This will bring up the detailed view. Now click More actions, and click the option to Approve timesheet.

Select Accept shift with clockin/out times to Approve the shift.

Select Accept shift with scheduled times to Reject the shift.

A confirmation message will pop up to show you the action successfully completed.

If you wish to start over, repeat the above steps and notice the new option, Unapprove timesheet, click this to start over. 

A confirmation message will pop up as before.

Verify carer attendance through the staff timesheet page

You have two choices for verifying carer attendance on the staff timesheet page:

  1. One by one. To approve the shift (let the system pickups carer's clock in and out time for the staff timesheet) you can click on the blue Approve link on the right side of every shift row (actions columns).

  2. Verify all timesheets in one go. You can also select a certain date period, all the shifts related to the staff will appear on the timesheet page, at the bottom side of the page you can click verify all button and select either to Approve all shifts (based on carer's clock in and out times) or Reject all shifts (based on already scheduled times).

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