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  • 👉 I have NDIS prices already, I need to update my existing price books 🔗

  • 👉 I'm importing NDIS prices for the first time, I have no Price books in my account 🔗

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I have NDIS prices already, I need to add the latest prices to my existing price books

Navigate to your prices page by clicking Account then Prices in the sidebar.

Click the button Update NDIS prices

Alternatively use this link: Update NDIS Prices

You will see a display of updated prices for all existing prices that have a matching support code we found. Note: these are NATIONAL PRICES ONLY.

For Remote or Very Remote pricing, toggle the option to see these prices.

Select all prices you need to update. Click Update


I have no existing Price books in my account, I need to import NDIS prices for the first time.

Navigate to your prices page by clicking Account and then Prices in the sidebar.

Now to add prices for the first time click Actions then Import NDIS Price Guide

Chose the guide that applies to you.

Prices are split into the following price books.

  • National,

  • Remote, and

  • Very remote Prices.

Within each, we have split the prices into support categories for ease.

  • Core Supports 01-04

  • Capacity Building 07-15

  • And all TTP support combined in TTP 01-15

You can search for price book names or reference codes of the supports you need

Or scroll and find the appropriate prices.

Now check the boxes of a price you would like to add, either select the entire set, or individual items.

Now click Add



Prices must be unique

  • Prices must be unique in the following: Day of the week, Start and end time, and effective date.

The error means there are two prices that conflict in some way. Each price must be unique so it's best to first check the effective date. New prices will have an effective date of 1/7/2020 and thus won't completely delete older prices, this way any shifts prior to the update can retain the correct information.

I have multiple price books with the same code and they were all updated with the one price.

We have enabled this functionality to prevent errors if users have multiple price books with the same support item code.

eg. A different price for a certain client, OR Remote prices and National prices in the same account.

To get around this for any prices that are doubled up but not the same, you will need to manually edit these price books.

I deleted the old price now my invoices aren't working properly, I can't invoice as the shift is showing an error.

If you delete the old prices then backdated shifts will no longer be able to be billed correctly. You can update the prices with the previous hourly rates by editing the price.

Eg. In the following price book. Any shifts using this price book prior to 1/12/2020 will use the price $88, Any shifts after 1/12/2020 will use the price $100.

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