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Quick Start Guide

A checklist to help admin or account owners get setup to start using ShiftCare for the first time

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This article will serve as a launch pad to get you started quick! We wont go into excessive details, although each section will have links for further reading.

The steps for this guide will be organised in the following categories:

  1. Accept invitation email

  2. Interface overview

  3. Set up client price book

  4. Add a shift to scheduler

  5. Add and invite staff or carers

  6. Add clients

  7. Review account settings

  8. Introduce ShiftCare App to Staffs

Accept invitation email

So you have started your trial, but to log in successfully the email invitation must be accepted. It will arrive at what ever email you used to sign up.

Click "complete your account" to set a password. Read this article for more info.

Interface overview

  1. Sidebar menu: Scheduler; Staff; Clients; Invoices; Reports; Account. Click each for more options and sub-menus.

  2. Search for clients or staff, and filter shifts.

  3. Staff list: Changing the sort options you can view via alphabetical or the number of assigned shifts.

  4. Calendar: Date selection and calendar format, can filter by Daily, Weekly and FortNightly, or Basic view.

  5. Account profile: your account profile can be accessed here, or sign out from the ShiftCare system.

  6. Gift icon: Notification with software new release or new update to the Pro and Premium subscription.

  7. Flag: Here is where indicates on shift movement, such as timesheet approve or cancelled.

  8. Add Shift: Creating a new shift for the staff

  9. Main scheduler area where shifts and the roster will show up. You can add shifts here too.

Set up client price book

To allow for ShiftCare to automatically calculate costs for the client, you can assign them a price book per shift, or a default one via their profile.

First you need to have a valid price book. A lot of our customers use the NDIS price guides. Navigate to Account Settings, click prices.

Now you will see a tour of the price books and how to use them, for more info please read this article: Adding price books and prices

To import NDIS price guides read this article: Import NDIS Price guide

Add a shift to scheduler

Now you have all the components in place to add a shift in scheduler. To add a shift, navigate to Scheduler by clicking the sidebar heading.

Notice the button in the top right, "+ Add Shift" click this to bring up the shift detail view. Select client, shift type, area, price book, time & location and carer. Remember to click Save.

Alternatively, click anywhere in scheduler view. Ideally click the day or time, next to the carer you want the shift for.

If you make a mistake you can always edit the shift and you can cancel it or delete it if you are just testing the workflow.

Is your shift marked pending? see the most common reasons for pending status.

Add and invite carers or staff

Adding staff members is easy, simply click Staff > add new staff button on scheduler.

Now set up all the details of the staff member and click create.

Note: Name and email are mandatory.

Now an email will be sent to the staff member.

Read more about adding staff in this article. Want to send an email invitation to your carers to invite them to use shift care? Read this article πŸ‘ˆ

Add clients

Before you can add shifts to scheduler you need staff and clients set up. Using the side bar menu click the Clients > click New.

Now you will see the input fields to add as much data as is needed. Client name is the only mandatory field, you can add the rest later. Read more about adding clients here.

Review account settings

Check over your settings and make sure you have decided which options best suit your organisation, we have a few common defaults set up already.

Click Account>Settings from the side bar menu

The following categories are relevant for a quick start guide.

  • Add a company logo in the top left by clicking or dragging a logo file here.

  • Scheduler: Important to set the correct timezone here. review the shift types and client types.

  • Invoices: Add your company financials here for invoicing purposes. A message to send with invoices, and also apply a default line item description.

Introduce ShiftCare App to Staffs


You are now versed in the main ways to get set up, remember to view our help desk collection and contact support staff for further help once you are set up!

That concludes the quick start guide, good luck!

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