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Edit, delete or replace notes and images placed in the notes
Edit, delete or replace notes and images placed in the notes

Progress notes or case notes added by staff or care workers can be edited by Admins or you turn off this function.

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⚠️ Editing notes can be disabled in the account settings, see below.

Notes can be edited by going to the client's communications history. Here you'll find the option to edit the existing note. 

Clicking the EDIT link on the right of the note will allow you to update the note details including:

  • Note type

  • Date of the note

  • The text content of the note

  • Replace the image

The "Choose file" button will let you select another image from your computer to replace the existing image with. If you do not select another image the existing one will not be replaced.

Disable the edit notes feature

When notes are submitted the notes are emailed as a notification to the admin users who have subscribed to receive these notification types (more on managing notifications can be found here). This provides a historical log of any original notes.

Should you want to stop your workers from being able to edit the notes once they have been submitted there is an account setting within the Notes module, "Allow note edit" which can be toggled on or off.

Note: For auditing purposes, the notes cannot delete. However, it allows to reutilised

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