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Customise note headings
Customise note headings

Create a standard template for case notes. Add headings as prompts to complete progress, feedback, incident and enquiry notes.

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You can set up a standard template for your progress notes to prompt staff on what information should be included in the notes, if you are on the Professional or Premium plan you will also be able to set up standard templates for your Incident, Feedback and Enquiry notes as well. This is controlled under your account settings (accessible via Account > Settings in the menu).

Creating, deleting and editing headings

To add or change the headings for the note type you are interested in, go to the 'Note Headings' section in Settings and click the Manage button next to the relevant note type.

Once in edit mode, to add a new heading, click '+ Add new heading', which will add a new heading line for you to type in your new heading. You can choose to make a heading compulsory by ticking the mandatory checkbox, this means that a staff member can't submit the note without completing the mandatory heading (note: this won't stop them from being able to clock-out of the shift). Once you have finished, click 'Save' to add the heading to your notes. When you have added all the headings you need, click 'Done'.

To remove headings, in the 'manage' window, click on the red bin icon in line with the heading you want to remove, you will be prompted if you want to continue before it deletes the heading. Click 'Done' when you are finished and want to close the manage window.

To edit headings, in the 'manage' window, click on the blue pencil edit button in line with the heading you want to edit. This will allow you to edit the heading text and also edit whether the heading is optional or mandatory.

Changing the heading order

You can easily edit the order of your headings, which is important when you are adding new headings that you might want to promote up the heading order. To edit the order, click 'Edit Order' and use the click and hold on the arrow icons to move the headings to a different order.

⚠️ Customizing note headings for all note types is included in Pro and Premium plans. Basic plans will have access to editing Progress Notes headings only


When adding the notes via the web-app ( the headings are not mandatory and can be overwritten, even when the mandatory checkbox is ticked.

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