These steps relate to:

  • Carer competency & qualification categories

  • Client document categories

  • Report headings

  • Shift types

  • Client types

To access your account settings page, in the menu click: Account > Settings

Please note, that some user Roles do not have access to the account settings.

Once on the Account Settings page, locate the section you wish to add to and click the Edit link.

Once in edit mode, click inside the box and begin typing. As you type the new entry appears in a pop-up box below.

When you have completed typing your word(s) clicking on this will add it to the list.

Continue adding new entries by typing again.

Once you have added the new options, click away from the text entry area to expose the Save button. Then click the Save button to add the new item(s) to the list.

Once saved the new categories will be confirmed.

There isn't a limit to the number of categories which can be added, the amount of entries isn't restricted but remember for ease of use it is better to limit the options available to those necessary.

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