Client Shift reminder can be setup to automatically trigger sms notification to client for upcoming shift. The sms is sent to the client X number of days before the shift based on reminder setting.

To configure a reminder navigate to Account menu on the left-hand-side. In the selection list under Account, click on Reminders.

You'll see list of Reminders' documents previously created, on the next page. If you want to update a reminder, click on edit, or if you want add a new one click on the blue 'New' button below.

From the drop-down menu choose Client Shift SMS for the Target. In the number of days set a positive number for a reminder to be sent X days before the shift. In the Content area write the message you want the invoice reminder recipient to receive.

There are a number of personalisation values you can add to the message, these include:

  • {client_name} - Client's display name

  • {staff_name} - Name of staff working on the shift

  • {shift_date} - Date of shift

  • {shift_time} - Time of shift (start and end times)

  • {shift_start_time} - The scheduled start time of the shift only (i.e. not the end time)

  • {shift_end_time} - The scheduled end time of the shift

  • {shift_address} - Location/address of shift

  • {shift_type} - Type of shift

  • {client_date} - Date the client is scheduled to start the shift

  • {client_time} - The start and end time the client is scheduled on the shift. In certain cases this can be different to shift_time, so using this field will provide more accuracy to your message.

Once you have created the Client Reminder click on the Save button

The reminders are sent via sms daily, around midday AEST.

Upcoming shift reminder

For example, to send a Client sms shift reminder the message you might choose to send could be:

Hi {client_name} you have a {shift_type} appointment at {client_time} tomorrow with {staff_name} at {shift_address}. Please reply 'Yes' to confirm your appointment, or call our office to reschedule.

💡Note: If sms is more than 150 characters then it will be broken up into 150 characters each and you will charged for each sms separately.

SMS replies

Your clients can reply to those SMS and at the time of writing this article SMS replies are sent to account owners email.

Replies cannot be turned off.

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