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Private Notes on Shifts or Client Communications
Private Notes on Shifts or Client Communications

How to add, view and give permission to access private notes

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In this article we cover:

What is a private note?

A private note is like any note you add to a shift or a client or staff member's communication page, but it has restrictions on who can see that note.

A private note is not a distinct note type, rather you can make any note type a private note, this covers notes on:

  • A shift - Progress note, feedback, incidents, enquiry, injury

  • A client communications page - Note, feedback, incidents, enquiry, injury

Once a note has been made private only staff members who have permission to see private notes can see that note.

No notifications will be generated by the creation of private note, and a private note will never be visible on the mobile app. For customers using ShiftCare Connect, private notes will also never been visible to clients through Connect.

Who has permission to create and see a private note?

By default all staff with the role 'Admin' can create and see a private note, access to private notes cannot be turned off for an 'Admin'.

'Admin' can give private note permissions to any other staff member, with the exception of those with the role 'Carer'. 'Carers' cannot be granted access to Private Notes.

If a non-Admin staff member has been granted permissions for private notes, they still cannot grant other staff members permission. The granting of private notes permissions is strictly for 'Admin'.

Find out how to give private note permissions below๐Ÿ‘‡

How to create a private note and how to view them

Creating a private note is like creating any normal note on a shift or communications page, but if you have private notes permissions you will see an extra switch to make the note private.

To make it clear that you are writing a private note the input box will change from white to yellow.

Once you have created your private note it will be visible to you just like a normal note, however it will be clearly marked as private by having the same yellow background as the input box. This allows you to clearly see which notes are visible to all staff and which notes are only visible to those with private note permissions.

Creating and viewing a private shift note:

Creating and viewing a private communications page note:

Editing a private note

Once you have made a note private and saved it, you cannot edit the private note to make the note non-private to be visible to everyone. Likewise, once you have created and saved a normal note you cannot edit it to be private.

Important note โš ๏ธ : once a normal note has been saved it cannot be edited to make it private and vice versa.

How to give staff permission to create and view private notes

Only staff with the role 'Admin' can grant other staff members with permissions to create and view private notes. Staff with a non-admin role also won't be able to see the permissions of other staff.

Permissions to private notes on clients and staff is granted separately to give greater flexibility with your permissions.

  • Client private notes permissions: covers private notes on shifts and client communication pages.

If you are an 'Admin' you can grant another staff member private notes permissions through the Settings section of a staff member's Details page. You can tick access on or off in the Settings edit mode.

โš ๏ธ Note: a non-admin staff member has private notes off by default when they are set up in the system.

Staff communications

Notes added a staff communications page will notify them via the app of the information added. All other note types (e.g. Feedback) do not notify the staff member. This topic is covered in the article: Carer Communications

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