ShiftCare offers the opportunity to email or SMS staff from within the application.

Bulk messaging carers

At times it is necessary to send a blanket message to all or a group of staff. This can be sent via SMS or email however please note there is a cost to send SMS messages.

To do this navigate to the staff list via the main menu:

On top left-hand-side of the screen select the Bulk Email or Bulk SMS options:

Once selected you can compose your message and select either the whole team or a selection of staff members.

✉️ Bulk email feature will send the emails as if they were individually sent - similar to BCC. This means the recipients will not see who else had been sent the message.

SMS messages 💬 Bulk SMS messages can only be sent by those with Admin roles.


Messaging individual staff

To message a staff member directly, first find them using either the search function or locate them in the staff list

Next, in the left-hand menu you'll see a sub-menu item Communications, select this option.

Clicking on the Communications menu item will allow you to send an email or SMS directly to the individual staff member.

History of Staff communication

To view messages sent to staff members you should navigate to the staff member's communication history via the left-hand menu. You'll then be presented with a history of messages sent to or from the client via the ShiftCare application.

Part of it is automatically generated while the other half can be manually updated.

Automatic entries in Communication

  • Shared shift details

  • Feedback given by support staff

  • Incident reported by support staff.

  • Injury reported by support staff.

  • Progress Notes submitted by support staff.

  • SMS reply.

  • Email Reply.

  • Clock in and Clout out.

  • Automatic document reminder sent to staff.

  • Staff shown interest in the shift.

Manual entries in Communication

  • Notes added

  • Text message sent to staff

  • Email sent to staff.

Click on SMS in order to text staff from ShiftCare. Click Send after typing message.

Click on Email in order to email staff from ShiftCare. You can also attach file with your email. Click Send after typing email.

On clicking Filter Categories, below dropdown opens. Click on the categories that you like to view in staff communication. Hit Apply after ticking your options.

On clicking Date Filter, the below dropdown will open and this will help in selecting the communication during the selected Timeframe.

Staff notes from the communications history

When saving the different communication types to a staff member's communication history only the Note type sends a message to the worker.

This is sent as an alert to the staff member via the app.

App alert to a staff member

The full message of the Note (type) is shown to the staff member via the app alert and in the app's My Notification menu.

SMS reply

When SMS is sent to staff, they can reply back to the SMS via their phone and the sender will be notified of the reply via email.

📌 Note: SMS reply goes straight to the sender's email, it will not appear in ShiftCare.

The link in the email will take you to the staff member's communications history so you can check the original, sent message.

There will also be a notification at the top of the page when the reply comes through.

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