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Setting up SIL shifts
Setting up SIL shifts

A guide on best practice for setting up SIL shifts to correctly charge clients and produce timesheets for staff

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Supported Independent Living (SIL) is NDIS-funded support that provides help and/or supervision of daily tasks to help participants live as independently as possible while building their skills. SIL happens in a participant's home โ€“ usually in a home they share with other NDIS participants.

ShiftCare allows you to create rosters for SIL to allow for correct payment of staff, and invoicing of clients. Setting up SIL rostering involves several setup stages you'll need to perform prior to rostering, which we'll outline below.

Steps to set up your SIL shifts


Using the Teams functionality in ShiftCare is required, please note this is only available for Pro or Premium plans. Information on how to set up Teams is here.

You will need to create a team with the name of your SIL house/building, and add the staff that you would be able to roster onto the SIL.

After that, you will need to assign the team to your clients that are in the SIL. Follow the instructions on the Teams documentation here.

Shift Type

Creating a Shift Type for your SIL shifts will help with filtering and identifying SIL shifts quickly in the scheduler. Create a new shift type in Account > Settings > Shift Types - press the edit button to create a new type called SIL (or whatever appropriate name you like)

Price Books

Depending on how you will charge your clients, you will need to set up appropriate Price Books in ShiftCare. This can be done in Account > Prices. More information on setting up Price Books is here.

If you charge a flat rate to your clients, you will need to create a Fixed Price price book and assign that pricing to one of your shifts each day/week. You would also need to create a No Charge price book, with prices set to 0 for the other shifts for that client. More information on creating No Charge price books can be found here.

If you charge by the hour using NDIS pricing, you would apply appropriate price books which can be imported from NDIS directly. More information can be found here.

An example of NDIS pricing you might import is 01 Assistance in Supported Independent Living Standard.

Creating SIL Shifts

When creating SIL Shifts in the scheduler, you will create them much like regular shifts, but the following items need to be factored in:

Set Shift Type to SIL

Add all participating clients to shift

Adjust price books accordingly

Create separate shifts as needed for staffing requirements.

Filtering Scheduler

To easily view staff and clients for each SIL location, you can filter the scheduler by both the Team and Shift Type. This will let you be able to easily ensure all required times are covered and find any gaps in care.

Further Assistance

Because all businesses are different, there is no "one size fits all" solution to setting up SILs - If you need further assistance, or have any questions, please use the live chat on the bottom left of your admin panel to speak to our team.

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