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Manage Own Shifts
Manage Own Shifts

Learn how staff can create and manage their own shifts in ShiftCare

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This feature is only available to premium subscribers.

This feature allows your staff to create and manage their own shifts through the ShiftCare app. There are a couple of things to note:

  1. Staff will only be able to manage shifts THEY created, they will not be able to edit shifts that were created by admin teams in the scheduler

  2. Staff will only be able to assign shifts to clients they are assigned to through the Teams feature, more information on Teams can be found here.

Turn on setting

  1. Navigate to Account > Settings on the left menu

  2. Scroll down to Scheduler and click Edit

  3. Toggle on Carer can manage shifts and click Save

Using through App

Creating Shift

  1. Make sure you are in the My Schedule area (Click on menu on top left and select My Schedule)

  2. On the bottom right, click the plus button, then Add Shift

  3. Enter relevant details for the shift, and click save on the bottom right (Note: If you can't see any clients available it is because you aren't assigned to any through a team, see here for more information on teams)

Edit Existing Shift

If you wish to edit a shift you created through the app, follow the below steps (Note: You cannot edit a shift created in the scheduler, only shifts created by yourself in the app)

  1. In the My Schedule area, click on the shift you wish to edit

  2. Click on the cog wheel on the top right

  3. Edit the shift as needed, and click the save button on the bottom right

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