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Exporting Timesheets to KeyPay
Exporting Timesheets to KeyPay
Sending timesheet information from ShiftCare to KeyPay
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Please ensure you have set up the integration per this document before proceeding

Exporting Timesheets from ShiftCare

  1. Navigate to Reports > Timesheets

  2. Ensure your correct date period is selected

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Export Button

  4. Click on either All Hours or Approved timesheets only

    The exported .csv file will be automatically emailed to your nominated email address, a notification of the export will pop up under the flag on top of your screen or you are welcome to download the file under your own ShiftCare profile under Communications.

Importing Timesheets into KeyPay

  1. Navigate to the Import Timesheets area (This is Employees > Manage Employees > Import TImesheets in Quickbooks)

  2. Click Select File and select the file you downloaded in the previous section.

  3. Click Confirm Upload

  4. Scroll down the list of fields, and find Shift Type ID. This should be mapped to Work type external ID

  5. Scroll down to External System Identifier. This should be mapped to Location Id

  6. Click Import

  7. If you haven't already, after the import is complete, you can click save the file format

  8. Give it a name (eg. ShiftCare) and click Save timesheet format

  9. This will allow you to choose the file format next time you import, skipping steps 4 & 5 above

This will create the timesheets in KeyPay, which you can then approve to run your payroll.

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