You can easily adjust the threshold around clockin or clockout if carers clockin/out within that threshold. For example, Shift is starting at 12pm and care worker Bob is clocked in 12:03pm and your threshold is set to 15 minutes, then the system will consider Bob's clockin as 12pm when this shift is approved.

Adjust Threshold

Step 1: Go to Account and then "Settings" from the left-hand side navigation.

Step 2: Locate the section named Time & Attendance and adjust the threshold setting in minutes.

With the threshold updated, Admin can also view staff clock in and clock out times from each carer's timesheet.

Within a carer's Timesheet page, the clock in and clock out times are displayed on their timesheet next to the start and end times of the shift. Both times are displayed as follows:

Start Time Column: shift start time/staff clock in time

Finish Time Column: shift end time/staff clock out time

This allows for timesheet verification for each staff. To learn more about this, read Verify Timesheets.

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