There are two cases where a No Access member would be useful:

  • To manipulate Carer to Client Ratios for large groups

  • To create and set up a carer or office user without sending out an invitation.

When you create a new user ShiftCare will email them an invite to confirm their email address and set a password for their account (learn more). Ticking "No Access" stops the system from sending this email which might be useful if you are setting up a new account and don't want to invite them to access the system until you're ready - once you're setup you can untick this option to send the invite email to them.

Create No Access Carer

To create a new carer or office user, click the Staff drop down menu on the sidebar, then click the New sub heading. Now as per adding a user normally, you must enter Name and Email details as these are mandatory fields in the system. 

Note: check with your email provider to see if "+" functionality works. For example, take your managers email, manager@example.com and use it as manager+noaccess@example.com This will send emails to the initial address ignoring after the "+" sign. 

Now click the checkbox next to No Access. 

Hover over the "i" information icon to confirm what No Access refers to.

What does No Access mean for account permissions?

This is a list of what the account CAN NOT do:

  • User will not be able to access ShiftCare. This user will not be counted towards subscription limit either.

  • The users won't be able to login to the app or website. They can't add notes or clockin/out.

  • They are not exported in timesheets.

  • Documents can't be uploaded to their profile.

  • When they are created an email isn't sent out to create a password.

What NO Access account CAN do:

  • It can be used to manipulate client to carer ratios.

  • They can be assigned shifts and notifications are sent via email.

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