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Split shift through advanced edit - charge different rates for the same shift
Split shift through advanced edit - charge different rates for the same shift

Use advanced edit function, to charge different prices for the same shift - split a client roster to enable different pricing

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Client schedules can vary throughout the shift. To allow for simple scheduling, the roster can be split one or more times to allow for multiple activities with different pricing. To split a shift, advanced edit mode must be used. The functionality will be explained by creating a new shift, although you can edit an existing shift in the exact same way. This article will outline:

Create a new shift

First, create a new shift. Navigate to the Scheduler and click where you want to create a new shift. There are multiple fields you can edit when creating a shift, the help desk article, Scheduler - edit shift will assist you further.

To split the client roster, advanced edit mode is essential. After you create a shift, click the Advanced edit button. 

Your view should now be the full-screen shift details page, notice the section labelled Client. 

Add a client by clicking the search clients drop-down menu. Select one or more clients by typing their names, or simply scroll through the list, and click on each client. If you made a mistake, click the "x"  to remove them.

Now click the drop-down menu again to close it. Notice next to the selected clients, a blue button reads Split. 

Split client roster

Before splitting a shift, it's a good idea to make sure the start and end time for the shift has been set. Do this under the time and location section. This will save you time when having to edit the individual components. 

To split a shift, click the blue Split button next to a client's name. Do this one or more times depending on your needs. 

Notice the start and end times automatically adjust to have the activities in sequence. Make sure these are edited to the correct times and they don't overlap.

Easily remove splits by clicking the red (-) button on the right-hand side.

Common issues with carer-to-client ratio and solution

When splitting client rosters, you may see a shift pending reason "shift has less than required carer".

To fix this, toggle the option to ignore staff count in the shift settings. This will ignore normal carer-to-client ratios for a split shift.

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