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Install ShiftCare app on your phone
Install ShiftCare app on your phone

How to download app: Carers can install a mobile app on their smartphones for easy access to shift details.

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It is very easy to download and install the free ShiftCare app on your mobile phones to check your Shifts, pull up Rosters, add memos/notes and Clock in and out anytime, anywhere.

There is a version of the app for iPhones/iOS and Android phones.

You can download the ShiftCare app from the official app stores:

You'll know you've found the right app by looking out for the ShiftCare Logo (dark blue and white), see the screenshot below.

Once you've installed ShiftCare App, you can now login to your account to check your roster, request leave, add progress notes of shift as well as clockin/clockout. 

Having trouble logging in? Make sure you have set a password for your account - read this article on how to accept your emailed invite to ShiftCare.

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