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View Client Assigned to Shift
View Client Assigned to Shift
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As staff, you can view the clients assigned to your shift from two locations:


On ShiftCare web view

ShiftCare App

Refer to Accessing Client Information via ShiftCare App to know more about it.

ShiftCare Web View

Sign into ShiftCare web view using the same sign-in details that you use for your app. Once you have signed in, you will be presented with the following display:

In the web view, you can view client and shift details in one of two ways:

1. Select the shift

2. Hover over the shift details

Select Shift

Selecting the shift will bring up all the shift details, including the client's name and other details (notes, client documents etc) relating to the client.

Hover Over Shift

If you are using a desktop or laptop you can hover your mouse over the without clicking on it and all the shift details will appear. Again, you will be able to view the client's name and check if there are any documents attached to the client.

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