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Provider Travel and Participant Transport
Provider Travel and Participant Transport

How to assign provider travel (labour & non-labour) to a shift. Use the Price Book copy to create a travel or transport labour component

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The NDIS has two separate situations where travel can be claimed. One is for the travel time to an appointment or service (provider Travel Labour Cost), and the other to account for travel cost per Km related to the service or shift (Provider Travel Non-Labour cost).

  • Provider/Carer travel. "If agreed by participants, providers can claim for the time spent travelling to each participant, for core supports."

  • Participant/Client transport. "You can use the participant plan's support funding to pay registered providers transport costs when they are transporting the participant to and from a number of community activities funded in their NDIS plan including employment and higher education."

For how to import the latest NDIS price guide to your account see this article.

Provider Travel 

Based on information taken from the NDIS website for prices guides and pricing. If agreed by participants/clients, providers can claim for the time spent travelling to each participant/client, for core supports.

Only the actual travel time can be claimed, up to a maximum of:

  • 30 minutes within city areas (MMM 1–3)

  • 60 minutes in regional areas (MMM 4–5)

Before providers/carers can charge for travel, they must first discuss and get agreement on any changes with the participant. Once an agreement is reached, providers will need to update the relevant shifts to reflect the agreed changes. 

To claim provider travel in this manner you must use the same support item code for the service provided during that appointment. 

How to claim for Provider travel

How will need to create a separate line item for Provider travel. The best way to claim this type of travel is by using the split shift function. You can split a client's shift up so that the various portions are easily identifiable. 

Note that a shift where the client is marked as Absent will result in the client being charged for the shift where no travel occurred, so it's best to remove the travel splits from the shift prior to marking it as cancelled.

See article on how to edit a shift and our article on how to split a shift.

Create Provider Travel in ShiftCare Price Books & assign Provider Travel to Shifts

The video below shows how to copy a price book for provider travel and what it will look like on the client's invoice. It also shows how the format of the split shifts will appear in the scheduler when including provider travel in a shift.

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