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How do clients/members access ShiftCare connect?
How do clients/members access ShiftCare connect?

Overview of how to access ShiftCare Connect for clients, their contacts or third parties

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In this article we cover the steps to accessing ShiftCare Connect.

For office teams, please view How to configure access to ShiftCare Connect

As a ShiftCare Connect user how do I login?

In order to log in to ShiftCare Connect, please go to It will then ask you to put in your login details.

If this is the first time you are accessing the ShiftCare Connect portal please ensure you have set up a password for your account by completing the steps: How to accept client/member invite for ShiftCare Connect?

View your calendar of services

Once logged in, you'll see the calendar list of serviced booked for you.


You can click on the shift if you wish to view the details of the shift. You will be able to see the date, time, location, description (not shown in the example below), and staff of the shift.


Please note that if the participant is rostered in group programs, then you will only be able to view your own relative’s name (not others) due to confidentiality reasons.

Click on services to go back to the calendar view.



By clicking on the Communication tab at the top of the page (Blue bar), you will be able to view your communication history. You can see:

  • Emails and Text messages sent to you with the dates.

  • You can also see your own reply with dates.



On clicking on the Invoice menu item, you will be able to see a list of paid, unpaid and overdue Invoices.


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