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How to configure access to ShiftCare Connect
How to configure access to ShiftCare Connect

ShiftCare Connect can allow your clients to view the shifts, communication and request shifts depending on the settings you provide them

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In this article we cover the steps to providing access to ShiftCare Connect for your clients or their designated contacts. In addition to the videos below, this article includes the written steps covering:

What is ShiftCare Connect?

The ShiftCare Connect portal offers dedicated log-ins for client, their families or related health care providers, enabling them to stay well-informed about the care their loved ones receive.

ShiftCare Connect provides a calendar of shifts with the ability to check times and the names of staff members scheduled to provide support.

To help ensure the client or their contacts are reassured of the progress and quality of the care being provided you can enable access to view progress notes, incident reports,

Providing a one stop location ShiftCare Connect is a valuable tool for enhancing communication and transparency in care management.

Licensing costs for ShiftCare Connect

ShiftCare Connect is an additional Friends & Family module to your existing ShiftCare licenses. One login email address counts as one license, that login can be added to multiple clients and will count as one license. If multiple logins are provided for the same client then multiple licenses will be required - one for each login.

Once ShiftCare Connect licenses have been added to your subscription you'll see the menu options appear.

How to configure access to ShiftCare Connect

This video provides an overview of configuring ShiftCare Connect via the admin portal and the resulting changes in ShiftCare Connect.

Adding a ShiftCare Connect login for a client

Having added a Connect license to your account, under the client's you see the Linked Customers menu appear, navigate to: Clients > Client name > Linked Customers > List

Clicking on the Invite Client button will allow you to enter their name, email and set their access permissions.

Following the next section on permissions there is a section on managing users.

ShiftCare Connect permissions settings

There are a number of different controls provided to tailor access to your needs, these include: Allow Communication, Read Only and Verify Shifts.

Once created it is possible to edit the users permission when viewing the client's Linked Customers (when navigating to Clients > Client name > Linked Customers > List).

Allow Communications

Ticking this option will show the Communications menu at the top of the screen. Here clients will be able to filter the different note types

Additionally, on a shift if this option is enabled the when opening the shift the contact will see the notes added for that shift.
When editing the shift, if the office team can write a comment noting the change to the shift, this will be displayed in the shift events to the client/contact.

Events shown are created, edit with comments and notes.

πŸ“ Private Notes are not listed on ShiftCare Connect.

Read Only / Not Read Only = Users can create shifts

Not having Read Only ticked allows the person to create shifts.

If this option is unticked the person is able to create one-off shifts by clicking the New Service button.

When creating the shift the instructions are mandatory to assist with communicating the requirements of the service. Once saved the shift will remain as pending in the unassigned staff section of Scheduler.

πŸ“ There is not a notification to the office team when shifts are created via this method.

Once the shift has been created, there is an option to select the staff member. The "Favourites Only" option shows staff who have been assigned the client in the last 6 months.

The article How can eligible members/clients request service? shows how clients would create shifts using ShiftCare Connect.

Verify Shifts

When ticked this option will allow the staff member to approve the staff member's timesheet.

The shift events will show the ShiftCare Connect contact has approved the shift.

The Reject button approves the staff timesheet using the scheduled times (rather than the clockin/out times). When rejecting the staff times the user is asked to provide a reason.

ShiftCare Connect calendar and list view

The calendar view provides a month, week and day view of the shifts.

On opening the shift the person will see the date, times, address and staff member's name.

More details on the navigation of the calendar is covered in the user focussed article: How do clients/members access ShiftCare connect?

In addition to the calendar view there is a view listing all of the shift which can be accessed via the menu Services > List.

ShiftCare Connect menu

The menu will list Services, Communications and Invoices. Communications will not be shown if the Allow Communications permission is unticked.

ShiftCare Connect Invoices page

The invoice list page will show the different invoices created for the client.

πŸ“ This menu option cannot be hidden from the view.

Managing ShiftCare Connect users

When you create a ShiftCare Connect user they will automatically be emailed, the article accept client/member invite for ShiftCare Connect provides the steps for the person to verify their email and set a password for their account.

Users who have not confirmed their email address and set their password

If a user hasn't yet set a password for their account they will have the Resend Invite button, clicking this will trigger a new email which should arrive one or two within minutes.

If this button is not shown then the person has set a password and can use the Reset Password link on the ShiftCare Connect login page.

Removing or Unlinking a ShiftCare Connect

If you wish to stop access for a ShiftCare Connect user you can do so by clicking the Unlink button (found when navigating to Clients > Client name > Linked Customers > List).

Following this;

Changing the email address of a ShiftCare Connect user

A person must come to you to change their email address, this can be done by clicking on the Edit button (when navigating to Clients > Client name > Linked Customers > List).

ShiftCare Connect users with multiple logins

You can add the same email address to multiple clients so they can access the shift details for all clients at once. This counts as one license.

The permissions above should be the same for all logins otherwise the lower level of access will be applied to the user.

πŸ“ The person can use the same password and does not receive an email confirmation / password set email for each person they are linked with.

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