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Private notes for client
Private notes for client

Option for adding notes which are not shared with staff or carers or care workers assigned to the client

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You can achieve this through the following methods.

  1. You can upload documents where they have control over whether the document is shared with the attendant.

  2. Can create a second profile for the client & use this for scheduling with the staff member and another one for writing a private note.

  3. Turn off note sharing, by default, sharing care notes is enabled.

  4. There is also a private note on the client's details page. This is displayed on the Scheduler as an eye with a line through.

  5. Additionally, you can add a private progress note for the client, it is like a note you add to a shift or a client or staff member's communication page, but it has restrictions on who can see that note.

Turning off sharing of progress notes

To change or check the settings for a client, navigate to the Client's details page. Under the Settings module, locate the Share Progress Notes option.

The settings module is on the right-hand side of the page. Click on Edit and then tick Share Progress Notes option. Once done, click on Update.

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