The client communication page allows you to access and view all communications made by care workers during shifts as well as any communications added by office staff within the organisation.

To access the client communications page, on the main menu navigate to client > client list. This will direct you to the client index page where you can select the client whose communications you wish to view.

Selecting a client will bring up their profile and new drop-down menu (client drop-down menu) on the left hand side of the page. From the client drop-down menu select communications.

Communications will bring up the communication history on the client's profile with the date and time period of when the information was recorded.


Category Filter: When viewing client communications, you can use the filter category feature to view a specific group of communications (inquiry, incident, feedback etc). Simply select the category you wish to view and click apply to activate the filter.

Date Filter: Date filter will help you locatinng notes within selected date range.

Adding Communications

Only admin/coordinators can add communications via client profile as well as send sms and emails to clients. Care workers can only add progress notes or feedback.

To add communications via client profile, select the type of communication you wish to add from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the client communication page.

Make sure to click add at the bottom of the page otherwise the information will not be recorded.


Office staff can also sms and email clients. These features can be found at the top right of the communications page.

When email or sms is selected, a dialogue box will open. After a message is typed make sure to click send before exiting the communications page otherwise no messages will be sent to the client.

Click cancel if you wish to no longer send sms/email.

Edit Communication

Office staff can edit communication by clicking on Edit button in from of the communication.

Clicking on Edit button will bring below page. User can edit below fileds:-

  • Category type

  • Date

  • Communication description

  • Add/delete attachment.

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