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How to manage ShiftCare notifications
How to manage ShiftCare notifications

Office users - Admin, Coordinator & HR roles can subscribe or turn off email notification for shift events

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If your role is Admin, Coordinator, HR or Ops then you can subscribe to or turn off email notifications for shift events. An example of a Shift event is - clock in/out, progress note added, mileage added. The available notifications are:

  • Successful clock in or out by carer (off by default)

  • Clock in or out was unsuccessful by carers

  • Progress notes added or updated by carers

  • Mileage added or updated by carers

  • Expense added by carers

  • Feedback, incident or injury reported by carers

  • Shift was cancelled by another Admin, Coordinator, HR or Ops

  • Shift was updated by another Admin, Coordinator, HR or Ops

  • Goal progress was updated

If you wish to subscribe yourself or someone with Admin, Coordinator, HR or Ops roles, then update Subscribe to notifications setting on the user.

⚠️ By default account owners are subscribed to receive notifications

Other Roles such as Office Support do not get notifications, however, due to their access rights, Admin, Coordinator, HR or Ops users can manage the notifications for other users.

Turning on or off notifications

If your role is Admin, Coordinator, HR or Ops you can subscribe to these notifications by going to your staff details page and updating "Subscribed Email Categories" within the Settings module.

To change which notifications you are getting, click Edit in the Settings module.

This will allow you to pick which notifications you get.

  • To remove a category click on the cross next to the category name to remove it from the list.

  • To add a category click on it in the drop-down list so it is ticked.

Remember to click the blue Update button.

⚠️ It is currently not possible to opt out of Job Board notifications.

Managing your inbox

If you wish to keep a notification subscription on, but want to filter out unnecessary notifications e.g. Shift updated, then please refer to this article to setup filters within your Inbox.

Subject lines used for the notification emails are:

  • Progress notes: Notification: {{staff name}} has added a {{note category*}}

  • Clock in failed: ✋ ShiftCare update: Clockin failure for {{staff name}}

  • Clock out failed: ✋ ShiftCare update: Clockout failure for {{staff name}}

  • Clockin successful: ⏰ ShiftCare update: {{staff name}} started their shift with {{client name}}

  • Clockout successful: ⏰ ShiftCare update: {{staff name}} finished their shift with {{client name}}

  • Job Board shift accepted: 👍🏽 ShiftCare update: {{staff name}} is interested to join the Shift

*Category options are:

  • Notes

  • Feedback

  • Incident

  • Injury

  • Enquiry

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