Through the app it is possible to switch on notifications of an upcoming shift - a handy reminder a shift is about to start, and prompt clocking in.

⚠️ Recent updates to both Android and iPhone operating system means the reminders are being suppressed.

To access the menu first press on the 3 stacked lines next to the month at the top of the screen.

In the menu of the app, at the end of the list, you'll see you can toggle shift reminders on and off. Blue (as shown below) is on so you'll get an alert to turn on reminders.

The reminders are sent via in-app alerts (which are free). On your phone, you'll see the reminders in your notifications list.

Depending on the privacy settings on your device you may also receive the reminders on your locked screen.

Please note, this feature works on newer phones and is not supported by older operating systems, unfortunately.

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