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How “Add Shifts” works for workers on the app
How “Add Shifts” works for workers on the app

This article will explain how staff could create a shift from the mobile app

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⚠️ This feature is available for the Premium subscription plan only.

Carers can create new shifts on the mobile app and assign themselves to clients on their Team.

To enable this feature, Admin must enable it in the Scheduler by going to the Account Settings page.

You can scroll down to find the Scheduler box and find the setting at the bottom of the list.

Assigning your carer to a Team

Before allowing your carer to create a shift from the app, please make sure they're a part of a team that is attached to the client's name. You can visit our Knowledge Base about Team and How to Attach Team to Clients.

There are a few reasons why your carer may not be able to see any of your clients' names when creating the shift from the app:

  • Your carer is not a member of any Team, or

  • They are members of a Team, but the Team is not linked to any Client.

If this occurs, double-check your client's, staff's, and Team's settings to ensure they are linked.

📝By default, the list does not show all clients' names, but only those who are linked to their Team.

How to create a shift from the app

Carers can now add shifts directly from the app by logging in, clicking the Plus ( + ) icon, and then selecting Add Shift. They can change the shift details on the next screen.

❗ Please keep in mind that carers can only add one-off standard shift at a time and cannot create complex shifts (e.g., recurring shift, sleepover, group shift, split shift)

Roles alternative

If you want a carer to be able to manage the roster while you're away without giving them full access as an Admin, consider changing their role to Ops or another role that best suits your needs. Visit this Roles article for a more detailed explanation of ShiftCare's other roles.

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