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Attaching team to clients
Attaching team to clients
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Team is a feature available for clients who have particular care-workers they prefer to work with or care-workers that have specific qualifications relevant to the client's shift requirements. Such carer can be Teamed and then attached to the client's profile. For office staff, this will make the rostering process simpler in that when creating a shift you can choose to filter staff based on teams (further explained in this article under Filtering Staff by Teams).

This feature will particularly useful for ShiftCare connect customers who will have access to their favorite carer. While teams are available for office to attach to client profiles this feature is primarily to make it easier for connect customer to select their carer when requesting services from their connect account. 

Creating Teams

To create a team, navigate to the left-hand menu and select carer. Under staff choose Team. To learn more about teams please refer to Team documentation

Attach Team

To attach a team, open the client's details page. Navigate to the Settings section. Click on Team tab to bring up the drop-down menu with all the team

Select a Team and then click save. Once saved, the team will appear on the client's profile page.

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