NDIS allows two methods to charge transportation cost. We will use NSW price book here as an example.

Using NDIA Transportation Code

Firstly, you can use transport code to change per km charge for Mileage. If you have mileage added to shift (or added by staff), then mileage will appear in Client's Shift Breakdown as seen below.

Once shift is invoiced, mileage code will be automatically attributed to invoice for NDIS bulk claim export.

Using Hours for Transportation

In this example, we will have refer to formulae provided by NDIA found here. For every shift where mileage has been added, adjust client minutes (attendance) based on formulae found in the link above. Now, you can go ahead and invoice shift and transportation is included as part of Shift hours.

Tip! If you use second method, then you can update rate group to have $0.0 per km cost for NDIS rates. Therefore, mileage will always be part of hours where you want to charge client.

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