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What happens when I tick "Confirmation Required" while adding the shift/program?
What happens when I tick "Confirmation Required" while adding the shift/program?

Staff can accept or decline a shift when you enable the Confirmation required option

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This feature is used when the rostering team wants a care-worker to accept the shift assigned to them. "Confirmation Required" option is available on shift/program create or edit page.

If a staff member declines the shift it remains assigned to them as the owner of the shift until the rostering team assigns it to a new staff member and will, therefore, remain listed in their shift list on the mobile app. Similarly, the shift will remain listed under the staff's calendar in the web app.

In this article we cover:

Adding confirmation required to a shift

Scheduler view:

In advanced edit you'll find the confirmation required toggle in the Shift module.

Dashboard view:

Actions that occur after "Confirmation Required" is ticked are:

Scheduler view:

The shift will remain in pending status with a warning that the person has not accepted the shift.

A staff member has not confirmed attendance yet.

Dashboard view:

  • The assigned care worker will be highlighted orange (as below)

From this point:

  • The shift will be Red in colour (State - Pending)

  • Staff is required to accept or decline the shift from their ShiftCare App.

  • If the staff accepts the shift from the app, then the shift will turn green (Shift State - Booked)

  • If the staff declines the shift from the app, then the shift will turn Red (Shift State - Pending) the shift will no longer be listed on their app.

  • Office staff will receive email notification of staff's decision if they have subscribed to receive these notifications.ย 

Message to staff members

The notification message that is sent to the staff member is via email and in-app notification. When opening the shift the staff member gets the option to accept or decline the shift.

In app message:

Email message:

The email message will confirm the shift details, however, please note, the shift can only be accepted via the app - not via the email.

โš ๏ธ Only one staff member can accept the shift. The first person to accept the shift will block others from accepting the shift. You can toggle Ignore Staff Count if you have multiple staff attending the shift if you want them all to confirm their attendance.

Message to office staff e.g. admin roles

Those with office roles can subscribe to get notification messages when staff accept or decline a shift. The notifications come both in the platform and through emails.

When a shift is accepted or declined the notifications menu will show an alert on the flag. This is an example of when a shift is accepted.

Declined shift notification example:

Email notification examples sent to the office team:

๐Ÿ“– Notifications: How to manage ShiftCare notifications

Further reading:

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