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How can eligible ShiftCare Connect members/clients request a shift?
How can eligible ShiftCare Connect members/clients request a shift?

Create shifts through ShiftCare Connect

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To access ShiftCare Connect please use

💡 Note: The client (or their primary carer, provider, etc.) should have received and accepted the invitation to ShiftCare Connect.

In this article we cover:

Creating a new shift through ShiftCare Connect

To make a service booking, click on “New Service” located at the top right of the calendar.


On clicking “New Service”, the below page will open.

Choose the shift date, start and end times. The location is by default set as your home location. You can change the address if the shift is happening at a different location. Please write a detailed description of the shift for our staff and hit Submit.


Once saved, the shift will be displayed. You can make an adjustment by clicking the Edit button.


At this point clicking on the "Request Staff" button will allow them to pick a staff member. The "Favourites Only" option shows any staff member who has worked with the client in the last 6 months.

Once the staff member has been selected they will be sent an email and in-app notification to confirm the shift. This works in the same way as when someone from the office team ticks "Confirmation Required" while adding a shift. Until the staff member accepts the shift via the app it is listed in the schedule as pending.

📝 This process doesn't send a notification to the admin/office team.


Staff notification to accept the shift

Via an in-app notification the staff member selected will get a notification to alert them they have been selected for the shift.

On opening the shift they will have the option to accept of decline the shift.

  • If accepted the shift turns from pending/red to booked/green

  • If the staff declines the shift it will remain pending and assigned to that staff member until the office team reassigns the shift to another staff

Warning - Request not allowed: You do not have permission to create New Service

If you receive this warning message, it means you do not have access to request a service. Your permissions will need adjusting so that it is not set to Read Only.

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