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How to modify a recurring shift
How to modify a recurring shift

There may be a requirement to change the pattern of a recurring shift. In this article we’ll show you how to achieve the required result.

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Locate Required Shift

Rather than deleting the recurring shift and creating a new one from scratch, we can copy the existing shift and change the recurrence.

In this example, we have a shift for Jenny that has a daily recurrence.

Jenny has notified us that she now only requires support on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from this point forward. There is also a lot of detail in Jenny’s shift as it contains split shift information, tasks and instructions which we need to keep.

Copy Existing Recurring Shift

To copy the recurring shift, click on the recurring shift you’d like to copy, then press the blue ‘More Actions’ button and select ‘Copy’ from the drop down menu.

Select ‘Recurring shifts’ from the dialog window and press ‘Confirm’.

Create New Recurring Shift

This will open up a copy of the recurrence which you can now edit with the updated details. Note that all the shift information has also been copied into the new shift.

Here you can update the date, time, recurrence and end date. We're going to change the recurrence to Weekly, and set the days to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When complete, click the 'Save' button in the top right corner.

In the scheduler, you'll now see the copied recurring shift along with the older recurring shifts.

Delete Old Recurring Shift

Now you can safely delete the old shifts whilst retaining the new recurring shift you just created. Click on one of the old shifts, and select 'More Actions', then click 'Delete'.

When prompted, select 'All' and press 'Confirm' to continue. You may also select 'Future Shifts' if you wish to keep a record of previous shifts that have already been completed and invoiced.


The old recurring shifts are now deleted leaving the newly created shifts in place.

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