The invoice list page is where you'll find invoices that have been created.

All invoices created in the last quarter will be listed for you to then filter down.

Enabling the new look invoice list page

In the title, you can toggle on the new design page.

Switch back to the original list page

On the right hand side, click the blue dots and select the "Show new view" to be off.

Filter by client

Pick which client you want to view invoices for.

Filter by payment status

Show on invoices with a certain payment status - Paid, Unpaid, or Overdue.

Hide status

If you're not reconciling invoices in ShiftCare you can turn off the Pain, Unpaid and Overdue labels for invoices.

Set your date range

Based on the "created at" and "due by" date of the invoice, you can search by timeframe.

Searching by custom date range

Picking the "custom date" date option opens the calendar date picker for you to set your desired date range.

Export invoices to your accounting software

You can export the invoices created in ShiftCare to your accounting platform of choice.


At the bottom of the page, you can select how many invoices to show on a single page or jump to a specific page.

Search for an invoice

If you know the invoice number you can use the search at the very top of the page to locate the invoice.

Generate invoice button

The generate invoice feature is available on Pro and Premium subscriptions. This button will not be shown for Basic subscriptions.

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