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Support Coordination with ShiftCare
Support Coordination with ShiftCare

This article helps with how to do Support Coordination services with ShiftCare.

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To start off with doing Support Coordination with ShiftCare, there are some things that you need to have.

Price Books

These are the price books that you need to have for Support Coordination.

Support Coordination Level 1: Support Connection

Support Coordination Level 2: Coordination Of Supports

Support Coordination Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination

For further information on importing NDIS Price Guides, please review the article here: Import NDIS Price Guide.

Shift Types

Since some activities are included in Support Coordination, these activities are billed in 15-minute increments.

  • Home Visit

  • Email

  • Phone Call

To help filter things better, we recommend setting up Shift Types based on the activities above. Examples below:

  • Coordination - Home Visit

  • Coordination - Email

  • Coordination - Phone Call

The article attached below explains further detail about Shift Types.

Invoice Item Description

When invoicing, the invoices must include the Shift Type, Client Name, Shift Date, Shift End and Start Times, Price Books Name, and the Price Book Reference Number. An example of the invoice item description is included below.
​How to Customize Invoice Item Description

{client} @ {shift_date} {shift_start_time} - {shift_end_time}

[{price_book}] [{price_ref_no}] ({shift_type})

The screenshot below shows an example of an invoice using the invoice item description listed above.


Teams can be set up for the Coordinator, and linking the teams to the client will help filter the Scheduler so that the coordinators can focus on the clients they manage.

The workflow would be that when the coordinator uses the Scheduler, they can filter the client view just to see their clients. They then can create a shift for their activity and, once saved, re-open the shift to add a private note against it.

Here is an article for further information on Private Notes.

Viewing Private Notes

There are a few ways how you can view private notes in ShiftCare. First, you can access the private notes by clicking the shift in question and scrolling down on the shift until you see the Events sections; the private notes are marked in yellow to differentiate the private notes and the normal progress note.

Secondly, you can access the client's communication page, where you can view all types of communication the client has within ShiftCare.

Here is an example of a private note on the client's communication page.


Depending on your preference, the Coordinator or the Ops roles are typically used for Support Coordinators. See Roles in ShiftCare.


If you would like to create shifts quickly, you can use the Copy Shift feature to recreate shifts of a similar type and then drag and drop to move and reassign the shift.

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